Community Security Protocol

The long-awaited bridge between Web3, the Metaverse and beyond


Provides developer partners with real-time authentication, defense, and verification to defend your community


Proactively define and verify your digital identity signals in real-time to control access to your digital life


Connecting developers, defenders, and consumers to enable powerful cross-identity anomaly detection, alerts, and malicious event prevention

Security Index Rating

Each identity on a developer platform must be authenticated to ensure trust within the digital community


Providing the community an interoperable interface for distributing security assertions to validate digital identity signals in real-time


Create custom security modules to authenticate, defend, and verify your community with DFend APIs


Participate in community security, while earning rewards for safe-guarding transactions


Take back control over your digital identity exchange, and build trust with communities

The future is community-driven security

Innovation, safety, and trust for digital communities